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A NEW IT Industry player has emerged.

We are an Information Technology Company comprised ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) of HCI ( Hyperconverged Infrastructure) hardware and software with of proven Professional Services. Our iStormCloud Ecosystem IP patents pending and trade secrets unleash the power of the impossible.

Where is the IT Industry now?

The IT Industry has stayed range bound for years with converged technology. Posting miniscule gains, lack luster optimization with software defined efficiency cast upon converged technology.

Data Center Crisis

The IT world has changed seemingly overnight, creating 90% of the data in the last 2 years. It is projected by analysts that by 2020 the data centers must add 4,000 data centers in the USA alone. What does this mean to our current data centers, the environment, the requirements for energy – we are in a data center crisis!.

The projection by 2020 that the USA will need 4,000 new Data Centers around 800,000,000 sqft consuming 100,000 MW. The analysts have also predicted that the IT Industry will move to the Cloud Colocation Centers, currently 10% have made the move. Finally ~1,000 Power Plants need to come online. Therefore we have a Data Center Crisis! It is unachievable to build over 5,000 structures in time due to the build time, Data Center 2 years, Power Plant 5-7 years… so something has to change! We need to change how we think about the Data Center.

Where can the IT Industry be?

First let’s start by understanding the migration of technology.

Defining HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure)

Z-IMPACT provides great disruption in the data center with a HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) bringing about true HCI is a pre-configured bundle (hardware and software) in one unit which all the components are tightly integrated such that they cannot perform on their own or be broken down into separate components but must operate unified as a single appliance.   

We are finding the IT community having a difficult time understanding what HCI truly is since the definition has be altered to fit the needs of industry giants like Nutanix and VMWare which are truly NOT hyperconverged in the truest sense.

New Catalyst has Emerged

Now finally, the true “Catalyst” emerged, that will cause it to break out and begin to form the underpinning of a new information infrastructure – a true HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) that supports the coming technology wave which will make huge demands on the Enterprise Data Center.

The evolution of AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things) and real-time requirements around analytics is the new technology wave that will provide and request data to trillions of devices and bring about the AI to make informed and swift decisions. Enabling business to react quicker and against 100% of the data not just the 1% of the data collected that is reported today – this truly is a new era in computing.

Z-IMPACT’s iStormCloud HCI is the ecosystem engine inside the data center bringing the unification of hardware, software and environment to work together as one! Inside the colocation center it will become the Backbone of the Cloud – that enables IT a pathway to become more greener, agile and scalable without geographic boundaries.

Building a Modern Green Data Center

Z-IMPACT’s patent pending technology is revolutionizing the approach to how we build, manage, populate and provide customer centricity into green data centers of the 21st century and beyond.

Our Hardware

Having a truly self contained HCI Ecosystem you can begin to see how significant of an impact we bring to the table in terms of bringing them true HCI.  Physically reducing their data center by tens of thousands of squared feet, reducing power (energy) by hundreds of thousands of Watts, reducing operational risk and improving their performance IO by a factor of 30 or greater.  Why do we leave you with this thought.

You can purchase HCI solutions from current positioned vendors that take thousands of sq ft and dozens of data center floor tiles for 12 PB (petabytes) and thousands of cores, weighing in at serious tonnage and using hundreds of thousands of Watts… or You can simply order one E4500 with 48 PB of storage, thousands of cores and hundreds of TB RAM in a single Frame sitting atop two data center tiles, consuming 36KW.

Our Software
A quick analogy is this. The AUDI ECOSYSTEM: You cannot take an Audi RS8 intuitive Audi Connect system software, which manages the car’s settings, sat-nav and multimedia and run it in a Ford Mustang.  It will not work, not even close because the intuitive Connect System software, drivers and API’s are written for the advanced hardware Audi has built to create this car.

Z-IMPACT’s software solution is no different. Our software, iPulseTM OS v2 IronRock (OS 17.02) Operating System and iMesh Agility OT (Operational Technology) software that detects or causes a change through the direct monitoring and/or control of physical advanced iStormCloud hardware devices, application processes and daily events requiring on-demand resources in the enterprise. This software sits on top a Dynamic FEA (Fluid Enterprise Architecture) to unify advanced hardware all integrated into the iStormCloud HCI Ecosystem that drives the achievements of the non-stop continuous 100% availability. As such you cannot run it on the lesser commodity converged hardware. However, Nutanix or VMWare software can run as “Guest Software” within our ecosystem.

What is the Industry Hype?

It seems everyone out there is claiming Hyperconverged. Cutting through the Nutanix hype, DELL-EMC, HPE, CISCO, IBM noise and claims around the HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure), it’s hard to tell what benefits you will get in your Data Center. While Nutanix can sit on top the Z-IMPACT solution as a guest and takes advantage of the ecosystem. But as a standalone it lacks the following:

However, reports are that the top HCI vendors (Nutanix, Dell-EMC and Cisco) while delivering some improvements – IT’S NOT  WHAT IS EXPECTED… It seems they are not as scalable in the enterprise, create cable sprawl and lack geographic synchronicity. Nutanix is growing your Data Center footprint while Z-IMPACT is compressing the footprint. Nutanix could position themselves much better in the IT landscape by running as “guest” software on the iStormCloud Appliance.

The move to HCI as the data center architecture of the future is a Technology Refresh.  Please take a more in-depth look, we  showcase the compelling reasons why you chose HCI and why we feel we are the only complete and “True HCI Solution”, this should help your organizations choose the most appropriate solution.

What are the key differentiators?

The mature market players are selling a half-baked solution. Dell #GetModern campaign is not that modern…

Let’s see how they really compare?

HCI Market Comparison

iStormCloud is a “True HCI” ecosystem, that is dynamic, fluid and solves the IT Industry issues that constrain the system density, scaling and independence – Data Center Crisis Resolved.

Z-IMPACT Software, iPulseTM OS v2 IronRock (OS 17.02) and iMesh Agility is the OT (Operational Technology) software that detects or causes a change through the direct monitoring and/or control of physical hardware devices, processes and events on-demand in the enterprise. This software sits on top a Dynamic Fluid Enterprise Architecture integrated into the iStormCloud HCI Ecosystem that drives the achievements of the non-stop continuous 100% availability.

INCLUDED AT NO COST… we embed all the critical operational software components – they must be ingrained as part of the ecosystem. These critical components are necessary for every business to operate continuously, with maximum efficiency, that is resilient to interruption, business continuity protection, instant disaster recovery, security hardened shielded from vulnerabilities, protection from data loss, instantly adjusts from any point of failure, has self-healing physical properties, instantly provisions all workloads, incorporates edge deployments, operates as a hybrid cloud in geographic synchronicity presented as a single-pane-of-glass to the ecosystem.

CxO leaders must factor in infrastructure, agility, scalability, security and responsiveness when enabling digital business innovation. Transforming the optimization of the Data Center to produce more with less and embracing meaningful environmental effects… leading to a Low Carbon IT Industry

Massively Reduce | Replace | Eliminate Data Center

What does this mean? To the F1000 this means recovery of Billions back to the business. To the Colocation Center this means increased revenue and profits >12x/per location. To a company looking at Cloud Computing you could save >75% costs yearly. No IT Industry Vendor has accomplished this level of disruption! Let’s see what we can do with your organization.

Transformation of the Data Center

That MASSIVELY DISRUPTS THE ROOTS of the business. RECOVERING MASSIVE RETURNS IN EQUITY back to the business. iStormCloud Ecosystem will directly IMPACTS your business to the ROOTS in a GOOD WAY!


Replacing the legacy hardware and modernize the facilities they operate under the iEnvironment . iStormCloud HCI appliances have a direct, immediate and massive affect on business operations cutting the costs of your data center >50% OPEX and PUE costs >50%.


The journey of the convergence of new data center facility built for the innovative Hyperconverged (on-premise, cloud or hybrid) Infrastructure (HCI), provides the ability to run a flexible wide-area virtualization that may fluctuate with the instantaneous workload changes.


Improvements to cast the Data Center geographically presented as a single-pane-of-glass, providing a desirable future of your enterprise, that is nimble, energized and oriented toward rapid innovation wherever the business requires collection of metrics or support of operations.

Immediate Market Separation

Focused on the F1000 Enterprise, Colocations and Cloud. Z-IMPACT creates market separation in the Data Center from superior hardware | software innovation and disruptive technology not seen in the IT Industry since Sun Microsystems market entrance.


The technology modernization of the ecosystem dramatically alters a company’s global conscious, sustainability and end-user experience. By reinventing the Data Center Computing economics with disruptive technologies through innovation of the compute, storage and network infrastructure from the enterprise-to-the-edge.

It’s not just about the software, it’s the underlying hardware and the environment it runs in that brings about the unification of all three in a true ecosystem optimizing the data center infrastructure efficiency (DCiE).


The ability for rapid containerized deployment creating appliance ecosystem for agility, modularization, scalability and performance challenging all IT vendors to matchup within a Cloud Computing ecosystem.

Rapid Modular Container deployments for the scalability of a modular Cloud Infrastructure or FASTRAP Field Deployments. Get to the cloud faster with pain-free modular 20’ or 40’ compute and power containers.


Then there is the ground-breaking self-contained cutting-edge mobilization with geographic extensions and synchronicity creates a business expansion of versatile Edge Computing to every corner of the business. Capturing control of new Data Center market for transportable edge technology with true mobility by land, sea and air – to remote regions in the 3rd world, amazon and poles.

Wide-ranging deployment capabilities that enable a self-contained geographic deployment that provides compute density far greater than anything on the market at the source with connectivity to the enterprise with minimized energy requirements and Satellite Uplinks.

What if you could ingest and analyze large amounts of data at the source in the time it takes to perform a upload? The iStormCloud RBO or Edge M2200 is powerful enough to crunch the remote systems data then provide the immediate access to local analytics as a single-pane-of-glass vs the legacy traditional upload latency and time-consuming data crunching… the speed of decision making!

John Saylor, Managing Partner

Revolutionize the IT Industry – 5 Stars!

Z-IMPACT reinvented Data Center is staged to change the market landscape in the IT Industry addressing all factors of infrastructure agility – the environment (CO2 Footprint & Greening Effect), Cloud Scalability, Performance Responsiveness, and Innovation… providing a true IRR second to none in the industry!

Our systems are made in the USA, assembled and programmed by United States Workers and Veterans. We ensure the highest standards, and highest quality parts go into our iStormCloud Ecosystem (iAppliance and iSoftware).