Welcome to Z-IMPACT

We are an Information Technology Company comprised of ODM (Original Design Manufacturing of HCI ( Hyperconverged Infrastructure) hardware and software; proven Professional Services and Cloud Provider. Our iStormCloud Ecosystem patent pending and trade secrets unleash the power of the impossible.

                                                Energy and Carbon Reductions >32x

                                                Data Center Rack Reduction >117x

                                                Performance Gains >30x

                                                Increase Scalability Expansion >100x

Doing more with less, delivery of superior high-quality components, providing 100% availability and reliability to deliver on the promise of clean technology, the greening of the data center engine to provide true environmental goodwill. 

How can we make people’s lives better? Z-IMPACT’s logo was created to reflect our unique story of an environment friendly and liquid business, built on a HCI Ecosystem – doing what’s right for the environment and adapting to the fluidity of the business.

Z-IMPACT’s patent pending technology is revolutionizing the approach to how we build, manage and populate the data centers of the 21st century and beyond.

Z-IMPACT is opening up access to an exciting new era of world-class computing power. The iStormCloud HCI Appliance which operates as an agile ecosystem in concert with your Data Center environment eliminates all constraints by redefining the Data Center Ecosystem in ways you thought were impossible. Z-IMPACT makes it possible in the Data Center to Reduce | Replace | Eliminate constraints while increasing the liquidity of natural business flows. A Data Center has now become the lifeblood of any business. Therefore, the Data Center fluidity needs to adjust to the business liquidity. Z-IMPACT has developed the foundation of our ecosystem based on dynamic fluidity which is engrained if the ecosystem operations to adjust a SDDC (Software Defined Data Center) to XaaS (Anything as a Service) that operates within a fluid ecosystem with incredible results not thought possible. Massive reductions are achieved by redefining requirements in space, operation and the efficiencies that result from that elegance.

The founders of Z-IMPACT have extensive experience with F500, agencies of the US Government and many business-critical institutions over the past 20 years. This culmination created the possibility of creating a ecosystem that was adaptable to change fluid with the business and could be applied to HPC (High Performance Computing) resulting in the first converged solution in 2012. Since then they have been working on creating the first true HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) that would create a disruptive impact in the IT Industry. The result was iStormCloud a “True HCI” ecosystem, that is dynamic, fluid and solves the IT Industry issues that constrain the system density, scaling and independence.

Included at no cost… iStormCloud embeds all the critical operation components and they must be ingrained as part of the ecosystem to achieve continuous 100% availability. These critical components are necessary for every business to operate continuously, with maximum efficiency, that is resilient to interruption, business continuity protection, instant disaster recovery, security hardened shield from vulnerabilities, protection from data loss, instantly adjusts from any point of failure, has self-healing physical properties, instantly provisions all workloads, incorporates edge deployments, operates as a hybrid cloud in geographic synchronicity presented as a single-pane-of-glass to the ecosystem.

A Z-IMPACT Data Center operates best as Hybrid Cloud to support on-premise Enterprise Computing, embodying Private and/or Public Cloud extensions and embracing Edge Computing. Creating the monetization of the Cloud >19x the current revenue results while compressing the Data Center >12x and operating near the current OPEX level. Z-IMPACT holds the first Patent Pending on a “True Hyperconverged Ecosystem”. It’s not about the hardware… but the software, the environment, its extensions – a total ecosystem that’s liquid to overcome your past impossibilities – do what is possible. The magic of changing your thinking!

Our systems are made in the USA, assembled and programmed by US workers and Veterans. We ensure the highest standards, and highest quality software and parts go into our iStormCloud Ecosystems.