Disruptive Technologies

Infrastructure Agility

Instantly provision and scale the data center infrastructure in line with the demands of the business workloads through rapid scalability, agility, versatility over a geographic footprint to synchronize the business, lower OPEX and eliminate risk with 100% availability and DR/BCP.

Z-IMPACT is more than a hardware appliance it is an Ecosytems whereby the software and hardware and the environment are unified as one. This  unification of the Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) redefine the Data Center DCiE, PUE, ROI, TCO and IRR. This overall efficiency provides greening effects, low carbon and reduced demand on the natural environment resources.

XaaS (Everything as a Service) Platform Mesh

Agile XaaS Platform Mesh

Z-IMPACTs, unlike other hyperconverged companies working on conventional hardware, we apply our Agile XaaS Platform Mesh, interacts via the Software-Defined-Data-Center (SDDC), SDx adapters (Storage, network, hypervisor infrastructure) combine powerful governance and security controls technology to state-of-the-art appliances.

Agility Through Automation

Z-IMPACT helps your business deliver new applications and services with greater speed, agility, and efficiency, giving you a faster return on your investment.

  • Self-Service Secure Portal, “iCanvas” , for on-demand provisioning for our clients to enable them to provision applications, virtual infrastructure and business services with hardened security solutions, BCP/DR to deploy to their DEV, QA/UAT and PROD environments running within our Cloud Engine.
  • Built-in tools to craft Docker Application Stacks into repeatable service bundles and containers accelerating time-to-revenue for new applications. Docker is a tool which is used at deployment stage for containerization of an application so that the application can work efficiently in different environment. It is a very important tool which is used in DevOps Continuous Integration.
  • Unified Management of computing, network, storage, and virtualization components to deliver infrastructure within minutes