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3-7-2019 Z-IMPACT cover of CIO Application HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure).
Featured on the cover of CIO Applications magazine reveals the first complete IT (Information Technology) company comprised of proven Professional Services, ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) of HCI ( Hyperconverged Infrastructure) hardware and software. Our iStormCloud Ecosystem patents pending and trade secrets unleash the power of the impossible.

3-7-2019 CIO Applications market coverage HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure). Alerts the IT Industry to what is a complete “True HCI” solution. The HCI is considered to be the fastest-growing, fast-changing emerging market in years in the IT Industry. Z-IMPACT offers the first complete “true” HCI solution to a mature market.

Z-IMPACT provides great disruption in the data center with a HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) bringing about “True HCI” is a pre-configured bundle (hardware and software) in one unit which all the components are tightly integrated such that they cannot perform on their own or be broken down into separate components but must operate unified as a single appliance.

Nutanix (NTNX) $9B company is recognized as one of the top leaders in the HCI according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. Today Nutanix places their HCI SDx (Software-Defined) layer on commodity converged infrastructure typically executing on bronze or silver Intel or chipsets. Z-IMPACT allows SDx vendors like Nutanix to execute as a “guest” and take advantage of >30x performance on iStormCloud HCI Family of appliances that run on Intel Platinum chipsets and Intel NVM technology. Let’s see where they stack up compared to a “True HCI” company!

Dell Technologies (DELL) a $62B merger with EMC is also considered as one of the top leaders in the HCI Industry according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. This how Dell, IBM, HPE, Scale, Cisco and Nutanix stack up to a ‘True HCI” company.

3-5-2019 Z-IMPACT reveals a TRUE HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure)

1-10-2019 HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) Playing Field: Z-IMPACT staged to upset the HCI Market in 2019 with true HCI technology. 

  • Z-IMPACT iStormCloud Appliance is built for the RBO, Enterprise and Cloud. Destined to be the “Backbone of the Cloud” by addressing density, scalability, costs and the environmental impact.
  • Geographic synchronicity of the Z-IMPACT solution crosses all the current barriers and unifies each ecosystem into a singular business ecology.

Easier to acquire at a lower CAPEX without Data Center modifications, building  and land acquisition costs. Provides faster decision making, lower COS, ROI, IRR, OPEX and operates as stateless environment support BCP/DR and 100% availability of the enterprise.

10-30-2018 Information Technology Industry: New Startup is Truly Disruptive 

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