Asset Disposition

We have partners that integrate with our migration strategy to identify the best strategies to embrace the new Z-IMPACT Ecosystem technology today to build a successful technology Reduce | Replace | Eliminate Roadmap to liberate you from legacy leases,  manufacturer constraints and daily legacy support challenges.

They assist by enabling the freedom from decommissioning hardware and auxiliary equipment used for the past support of the data center, aiding in outsourcing your existing infrastructure with asset redeployment, secure on-site or off-site data destruction, equipment recycling and hardware resale. 

So you may invest more time and resources in pursuing Z-IMPACT Ecosystem technology, business innovations and game-changing benefits with minimal disruption to existing IT environments.

ITAD (Information Technology Asset Disposal)

When Z-IMPACT Reduces | Replaces | Eliminates technology in your data center that has become outdated, obsolete, or unusable, they look to companies that specialize in ITAD to assist in the process.

We look at asset harvesting of reusable parts, repair, data destruction as well as reuse of equipment. We look for sustainable ITAD companies help increase our clients’ ROI for IT.

Here is a few questions that may help with understanding the type of ITAD partners we are looking for…

Does your ITAD company offer a Global Service?

Does your ITA company assist in all stages of the disposition process?

Is your service a full-service from initial planning to final coordination, whether you are decommissioning a data center or undertaking a refresh cycle. It is important for us to understand reusing, reselling, and recycling aspects you provide to clients. For example, other ITAD competitors closely track the resale markets, and can ensure that top values are achieved for resold parts.

Is your ITAD company open to devising a custom solutions for our specific circumstances?

What makes your ITAD company unique?

What stands you apart from other ITAD vendors, what is your market position and how will you accommodate changes in the market place?

Does the ITAD company have appropriate certifications in place?

Your credentials are an important consideration, we need assurance around issues like data sanitization of old hard drives or regulatory compliance. Certifications like: ADISA (Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance. ) certification for data sanitization, NIST (US National Institute for Standards and Technology) SP 800-88 compliance for data destruction, R2 (Responsible Recycling) standards set by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI).

Are you returning value to the customer on their asset recovery?

Recouping an annualized revenue through asset recovery and trusted remarketing.

Do you understand that the value of data-focused assets mean that their disposition is no longer a ‘throw-away’, and that expertise is highly valuable. We are looking for partners in the IT Asset Reclaiming that buy and sell old IT to reuse is the best way to recycle creating a sustainable economy with minimal impact to the environment ecology.

How many ITAD projects have you completed? Year established?  Looking for only vendors with well-developed track record of helping its clients maximize value and effectively reuse, remarket, and dispose of assets.

What are your underlying workflows and compliance checks to ensure work gets completed according to plan? Listening to a our specific needs and understand the compliance and regulatory requirements for disposition and data destruction are important considerations.

Kindly fill-out our partner application and address the questions above for alignment to our partnering needs.