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What’s your critical driver of your organization’s efficiency?

Z-IMPACT, Inc. massively alters the data center footprint and operating costs.


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Calculator will show CxOs an immediate cost savings…

Find out immediately the IMPACT of Data Center migration to  reduce | replace | eliminate  current legacy hardware to the Z-IMPACT HCI Ecosystem Appliance. This is a powerful replacement that will have a huge impact to CAPEX purchases and OPEX expenses.

A complete downsizing of your current Data Center environment (land, building, security, auxiliary facility support, headcount required, power requirements, output to environment, etc…).

Download (XLSX, 786KB)

The sample shows 1,670 servers in (~75,150 sqft) in a can be downsized to 53 M2200 appliances in (2 – 42U rack footprint) or 4 – E4500 appliances or 2 E7000. Any of these units can fit into a ~500 sqft Data Center.  Ask your CFO, they will know the cost savings!

Z-IMPACT is definitely worth a look. Dell sold a customer 4PB VMAX Storage for $67M Z-IMPACT can sell 4 complete servers for $36M with 48PB Z-HyperFlash Storage and the bonus is you get 2,240 cores and 120TB Memory.

You can also replace the complete application support servers… the Dell VMAX servers and storage and have a better performance, scalability and drastic reduction in the Data Center Facilities requirements and OPEX costs.

The rippling effects for the first time you can mitigate all Data Center construction plans, consolidate buildings, and sell assets returning millions to the business!


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