Boosting Performance

Boosting Performance

Z-IMPACT iStormCloudTM, is built in a Hyperconverged Appliance a blueprint that drives 100% availability on non-stop appliance, compressing the density of the Data Center,  eliminating the hot/cold aisles.

The iStormCloudTM Appliance is controlled by the Z-IMPACTs iSoftware  iPulseTM OS v2 IronRock (OS 17.02) that has inherent power management to further reduce power requirements and efficiencies in the appliance, replication, DR/BCP and much more…

Z-IMPACT Disruptive Technology is the center-piece that brings about all the innovation of infrastructure agility. Z-IMPACT ultimate goal is a zero-impact to the environment to shrink or eliminate the Data Center as we know today, while maintaining 100% Availability to all the applications and boosting performance >30x!

iStormCloud iAppliance Hardware Family

Our net effect on the economics today offers a >50% reduction in: carbon footprint, power demands, power plant requirements, data center physical size, data center internal space footprint, land and building requirements – all significant advantages… no other vendor comes close to Z-IMPACTs offering!

Here is how we compare to Key IT Industry players…

Compute Modules

Z-IMPACT provides 100% application availability, running any series of iStormCloud Hyperconverged Ecosystems or specialized ecosystems designed to address specific market requirements. A blueprint that drives 100% availability on non-stop hardware. Our biggest advantage is our economics and minimized environmental impact.

Our disruptive technology advantages are trade secrets and patent pending IP that addresses the industry blade failure rate of 40-60% tied to heat with increased density. These advances create disruptive technology creating customer value – cost-effective products, simpler, smaller, better performing and more convenient to use. Both are scalable next generation compute solutions that provide the unification of hardware and software.

Open Compute is deployment is with a raised floor data center cooling, with ceiling heat collection, HOT and COLD aisles are not necessary the iStormCloud Hyperconverged Ecosystems deploy reducing the data center footprint >4:1 and energy costs >60%.

Modular Compute deploys in a single payload, our containers are  Faraday lined, self-contained environments that have two redundant cooling and power feeds, have connectivity to each module to inter-operate as a single ecosystem, they come in two types of containers.

A 40’ (Data Center) modular container that interconnects quickly in “modular-ready” large-to-mega data center.

A 20’ (2-Pack Field Ready) containers: 20’ Compute container with HVAC container and 20’ Power container and enough fuel to kickstart the deployment. Ready in hours in remote locations globally.

Portable Compute deployment is to the EDGE, literally any where geographically dispersed and can be loaded on a vehicle, ship, aircraft or carried by ATV to a location.