Certification Program


Certifications belong to the individual who completes the relevant Z-IMPACT Certifications. A Certification is mandatory for delivery of Migrations or MSP Services set forth of each product or service offering. A certificate will be issued.


The Partner Portal will provide basic training materials for on-boarding partner general sales teams with information on Z-IMPACT products and solutions.  To provide the most effective solution for your customer, as partners, we will work together to provide knowledge transfers to fully enable you to pitch the sale, coordinate technical resources, and have the necessary materials that the prospect or customer may need about Z-IMPACT products and service delivery.

The sales certification is based on Z-IMPACT product knowledge, presentation capabilities, and pricing the Z-IMPACT iStormCloud Ecosystem Appliance, Support, and Service Solutions. The configurations are for on-premise, Public|Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud.

Project Leaders

Service Provider Partnerships require a minimum number of Practice Leaders to provide Project Management leadership and to facilitate direction of duties and tasks to Practice Engineers, Practice Certified Engineers and Subject Matter Experts.

Practice Engineer

Practice Engineer for the purposes of this Certified Program is defined as an Engineer who has substantial industry knowledge, however has not be certified on Z-IMPACT MSP | Migration Products and Service Delivery. A Practice Engineer is undertakes project service delivery with direction from a Z-IMPACT or Partner Subject Matter Expert (SME).

Data Center Engineer

Design, construction of the iEnvironment and connectivity to the iStormCloud iAppliance are critical for the operation and cooling of the appliance.

Certified Engineer

Has accomplished Z-IMPACT Product|Services Certifications on the different Products and Services below…

Products and Services

Implementation Certification

iOSA – Onsite Assessment (Data Center). Z-IMPACT requires a iOSA for every iStormCloud Appliance prior to shipment.

iPSP – Intelligent Professional Services Plus. Z-IMPACT’s Signature Professional Services offering.

Migration Engineer Certification

iDCMP – Data Center Migration Program. Z-IMPACT has a World-Class ‘Gold Standard’ Migration Services Program.

iDAMS – Data Center Application Migration Service. This Z-IMPACT’s signature migration service.

Managed Services Engineer Certification

iMSP – Managed Service Provider (MSP).  A skilled team, with multiple certifications from our sourcing “Virtual Bench” are knowledgeable technology consultants and partners.

Custom Development Teaming

iR&D – Creating the Future Services. Z-IMPACT offers complete Research and Development services

Onsite Enablement

Partners can gain more in-depth training on Z-IMPACT Products and Services. If you require deep-dive training, we can provide you a quotation for an onsite Subject Matter Expert (SME) to visit your teams to provide advanced training. We charge for the training preparation, delivery, travel, and expenses.


MVP Certification

A Certified Engineer may retain a MVP Certification for Implementation, Migration and MSP Service Delivery.  MVP certification lasts for 1 year and accreditation must be submitted for consideration annually. An MVP Request Form must be submitted for consideration. The accreditation belongs to the individual not the company that retains them. However, if employed by the partner, Z-IMPACT will recognize the partner for have staff with MVP status. Z-IMPACT will check and verify this status.

Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Are knowledgeable on the Product functionalities, possess all certifications ( Implementation, Migration, MSP and MVP), have the ability carry out services delivery of each product. SME will work with the education, training, on-boarding and advising of all engineers on a project to elevate their knowledge.

This given at the discretion of Z-IMPACT to an individual based on, but not limited to, successfully completing Certification, their work on projects with Migration and MSP Service Delivery, conducting number of trainings, workshops, mentoring, article contributions surrounding Z-IMPACT Products and Services in terms of blog posts, white papers, conference presentations, or conducting or residing on industry specific discussion panels. The SME Certification is the most prestigious recognition of an individual’s talent.  contributions to Z-IMPACT.