Changing Market Landscape

Change the Market Landscape

There are three (3) distinct impacts to the IT Industry. Z-IMPACT has carefully planned its entrance into the market, confidently unmatched in all three modes of effectiveness in the IT market.

Mode 1: Data Center Modernization – An Ecosystem comprised of a Hyperconverged Appliance (Hardware [cores | memory | storage | networks], Software [Operating System | Fluid Architecture]) and the Environment [Facilities (land, building and Internal topology) | HVAC | UPS].

Mode 2: Infrastructure Agility – Provisioning the Scalability of the Ecosystem resources geographically. On-Premise, external to the facility in the Cloud (Public|Private|Hybrid) and Virtualization.

Mode 3: Strategically Innovative – Nimble, energized and built on HCI for Data Center Computing, Cloud Computing or Edge Computing all oriented toward rapid innovation, geographic synchronicity of all internal and field silos. Both the Open Compute and Modular Compute provide flexible deployments geographically to fit each business model for time and performance desired.

Innovation Pivot