Chief Cloud Officer (CCO)

DEFINITION of a Chief Cloud Officer (CCO)

A chief cloud officer (CCO) is an individual who manages, supervises and governs the entire cloud computing environment and its operations within an organization. The chief cloud officer allows an organization to harness the power, productivity and efficiency from a suite of cloud computing solutions and services. As such, the CCO is the ultimate custodian of cloud-related resources and components.

BREAKING DOWN Chief Cloud Officer (CCO)

The CCO has a strategic planning role for cloud computing, this is a critical business unit and will drive huge revenue for the business as an alternative to AWS, Azure, Google and other cloud solutions. Housed at SWITCH and SUPERNAP our Cloud hosting partners (Tier 5 Data Centers), we feel that we provide a solution second to none and extremely competitive against these vendors. This focused role within Z-IMPACT will lead the framework to develop the state-of-the-art Cloud offering Z-Cloud iStormCloud Vault.

The CCO’s primary responsibility is to ensure that an organization gets the most out of cloud computing without jeopardizing the business. The CCO leads the cloud adoption/migration from the very beginning phase of cloud needs assessments, vendor evaluation and short listing, down to deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting. The CCO’s job has two main components: To align cloud solutions with business objectives and goals, and to oversee cloud operations from a technical standpoint. The CCO’s key job roles also include the evaluation, design and implementation of stringent cloud security and governance measures and close networking with the CISO.

They develop policies and procedures and uses technology to enhance products and services that focus on external customers cloud computing needs and harness the relationship between on-premise hybrid-cloud solutions. The CCO also develops strategies to increase revenue and performs cost-benefit analysis and return-on-investment analysis.

Responsibilities of the Chief Technology Officer (CCO)

Z-IMPACTs Z-Cloud offering is meant to run on our iStormCloud Vault that are extremely scalable to meet the most demanding customer needs. The CCO is responsible for the oversight of intellectual property and have deep background in the Cloud Computing industry. 

The CCO main duties are:

Establish Z-IMPACT as a cloud provider Z-Cloud that delivers cloud computing based services and solutions to businesses and/or individuals. This service organization may provide rented and provider-managed virtual hardware, software, infrastructure and other related services. Create Z-Cloud services that becoming increasingly desirable for companies because Z-IMPACT offers advantages in terms of cost, scalability and accessibility over the top named companies.

To make Z-IMPACT as cloud provider under Z-Cloud known as a utility computing provider, that provides full managed service provider (MSP) services, runs on the iStormCloud Vault top-quality hardware and provides other managed IT solutions.

The CCO responsibilities are broken down into the following categories:

  • Integrate Cloud Service Management (ICSM) as the centralized management of a cloud computing solutions portfolio through purpose-built software tools and methodologies. 
  • Manage the movement from one cloud vendor to another while maintaining seamless integration and keeping costs low. The commissioning, decommissioning and overall maintenance of a suite of cloud products and services sourced by an organization.
  • Ensures the maximum level of authority, control and governance of all cloud resources and the hosted/deployed data by a particular organization in the Z-Cloud.
  • Manages SaaS, IaaS, PaaS and hybrid cloud delivery models. It is generally delivered through cloud management software, which is provided by Z-Cloud.
  • Cloud Management the process of evaluating, monitoring and optimizing cloud computing based solutions and services to produce the desired efficiency, performance and overall service level required.
  • Complex Management tasks such as maintaining the availability of resources, providing completely functional software/systems and implementing standardized security controls and procedures.
  • Cloud-oriented architecture (COA) can be defined as an abstract model that revolves around all the factors and elements that are included in the cloud and the cloud environment. Defines the components, procedures and systems that make up any of the cloud computing service model or the cloud in general.

Additionally, the CCO will have a close relationship with the CISO and other members of the Z-IMPACT’s senior management to insure the rapid advancements in business solutions, for cloud, hybrid-cloud and the connectivity to on-premise or edge computing. The CCO needs a full grasp of Cloud technology.. To become innovative and stay competitive, CCO must keep abreast of all technology advances to maintain that Z-IMPACT keep its superior position in the market of IT Industry leaders in cloud technology.