Customer Centricity

Their competitors whined whilst they went on to dominate! 

Customer centricity always wins…

It vital to understand why your customers use your company in the first place; why some stick around and why others run away at the first chance they get.

Our businesses live and die by the customer!

CX (Customer Experience) is paramount and just as other large conglomerates have perished over the years. The IT Giants that currently hold their customers hostage will also have there day. 

Z-IMPACT business is making it’s awareness focused on the needs of the customer – reduced cost, space and environmental footprint of the business. 

Z-IMPACT focuses on reducing where their competitors are expanding using a greater amount of space and increased cost by holding their customers hostage to their expansion without alternative – just more of the same. What are the important factors in turning the tide: CAPEX, OPEX, energy costs and usage, new or expanding (building requirements, power plant construction, acquisition of land resources) and the, “cause and affect to our environment”, through the air(CO2 output), land (consumption of natural resources) and sea (water usage). Converting past customer pains into customer gains!

Z-IMPACT emphasis is on low environmental impact, efficiencies and effective use of what already has been constructed or consumed through data center modernization, modularization or mobilization with the flexibility of extending the data center from on-premise to cloud or hybrid cloud or edge. Creating a customer value proposition that is second to none in the IT industry. 

Actual Delivery on Real-time Capabilities

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Z-IMPACT provides a new dynamic of  geographic synchronicity,  that allows the customer to collect necessary information at the source, process just-in-time and deliver analytics or decision making results to executives in real-time. Creating a customer value proposition that is second to none in the IT industry.