Data Center Crisis

Two Major Cloud Movements are Underway

The movement to the cloud is now at a critical pivot. Only 10% movement from on-premise to Colocation Centers – analysts are predicting a huge surge next 2 years and the Data Center Crisis. These two are on a collision course with the energy industry.   It’s going to be supply versus demand as all three both markets collide. Unless something truly disruptive happens to create change. 

Z-IMPACTs timely market entry can be the IMPACT, the DISRUPTION that CHANGES IT ALL!

We can create highest density in this market >12x taking full advantage of the floor space reductions >90%, which are the key to mitigate the spiral we are currently engulfed in. We cannot meet this looming data center and energy crisis with a continuous build it mentality. The time it takes to build all this infrastructure should have started 5-7 years to get ahead of this curve.

Colocation Centers

Colocation will become “Centers of Data”. These are emerging centers, where on-premise is making a mass movement to Colocation Centers – Hybrid seems to be the most desired by retaining some on-premise present and expanding operations to the edge. By 2025, 80% of enterprises will have shut down their traditional data center, versus 10% today.

In 2018, colocation absorption rates, which include the cloud providers, have reached record highs, with 357.85MW in the top U.S. markets and 46.3MW in the top Canadian markets. This is an intense drain on the energy grid and with the movement of the cloud and the looming data center crisis we need to remedy the situation quickly.

Z-IMPACT can become the backbone of the cloud by replacing the current infrastructure  and reducing floor space and energy demands in each colocation facility.

Z-IMPACT iCloud Colocation Center

Z-IMPACT has a planned it’s own Cloud Computing Facility in 3500 sqft we can house 38 E7000 Enterprise Appliances (212,800 cores, 11.4PB RAM, 5.56EB Storage). Colocation provides hosting in the cloud… therefore if we were to shrink the colocation facilities, they could accommodate about >4-12x depending upon the facility. Additionally, Z-IMPACT has the ability to build modular stack 40′ containers like Lego blocks that would drastically reducing the effects in a Mega Data Center environment. By increasing the overall density, reaching new performance gains and becoming the backbone to the cloud – something the IT industry has not experienced for years!

Data Center Crisis

We need 4,000 more data centers by 2020.  This will require approximately 200K sqft, 25MW facilities each by 2020 because the U.S., as well as countries around the globe, are creating 600 NEW zettabytes of data each year, which is about 200% more traffic than current data centers can handle.

Z-IMPACT plays a key role here as a the only “True Complete HCI Solution” combining state-of-the-art technology into the Data Center. See Cloud Scalability… 

Since there is a movement from on-premise to the Cloud Colocation centers of data are emerging. Z-IMPACT plays a key role here as a the only True HCI solution combining state-of-the-art technology into the Data Center. Z-IMPACT provides faster business agility, greater data protection, geographic synchronicity with on-premise or edge computing and time to value from the cloud. Operation in the colocation centers is a cornerstone of market penetration by Z-IMPACT as the economies of scale are magnified.

This ground breaking disruption quickly has Z-IMPACT positioned to be the backbone to the cloud…

iStormCloud Dramatic Effects

Z-IMPACT provides the fastest business agility, greatest data protection, encompasses geographic synchronicity of on-premise to edge computing and can be delivered in time to value from the cloud. Operation in the colocation centers is a cornerstone of market penetration by Z-IMPACT as the economies of scale are magnified. Z-IMPACT can reduce these counts tremendously.

We did an analysis of a Mega Data Center – Whitepaper,  IT Brand Loyalty and Sunk Cost Dilemma.The bottomline, this this mega center is 42,000 square meters (452,084.24 sqft) of data center space with four data halls (113,021.06 sqft/each) and requires 32 MW to operate. Z-IMPACT Computing cabinet require 96.25% less power, therefore Z-IMPACT requires 1.2 MW for the same number of cabinets. We could fit 800 E4500 in the same data center. Our footprint would require 36,000 sqft this would be a space reduction of ~92% (revision November 16, 2018 is 24,000 sqft a space reduction of ~94.7%).

Z- IMPACT would reduce the electrical grid demand Data Center demand with immediate industry adoption. If we are to reduce the 4,000 data centers and 100,000 MW of power a conservative estimate on 90% reduction ( 400 Data Centers and 10,000 MW) this would mean, that the current production plans for power plants and colocations would be sufficient demand to support the Z-IMPACT HCI solution. Think of the possibilities… If we knew the revenue generation of the facility we could extrapolate out the revenue, they are missing in the millions or billions at full capacity!

This ground breaking disruption quickly has Z-IMPACT positioned to be the… backbone to the cloud.

Backbone to the Cloud

The backbone now has become the “Centers of Data” the Colocation Centers! If these centers were filled with Z-IMPACT technology the CRISIS REMEDY!

Z-IMPACT provides everything needed for a business to be successful, including full Cloud hosting, Cloud deployments, secure hardened sites or hybrid deployments. A true BCP/DR solutions, DoD certified Encryption solutions, interactive firewall protection, including data classification identification in transit. We provide Message Queue, Data Lakes, ELK solutions and logging to advanced VDI and VOIP solutions to end point zero client VDI solutions.

See Cloud Scalability…