Ecosystem Security

Trusted Computing the intersection of Security, Compliance, and Risk?

Security GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance) all are combined into the iStormCloud Ecosystem. A Ecosystem survives on the protection of the environment since all things are connected. It’s a lot deeper than one thinks and at its heart is a quite a powerful story.

Developing business strategies to address security, compliance, and risk requirements from geographic synchronicity, wide-area provisioning – SAT, Hybrid Cloud requirements and single-pane-of-glass view of the enlarged ecosystem.

Designed into the Fabric of the Ecosystem

Was designed for the ecosystem environment with security intrusion mitigation and 100% availability in mind. We have incorporated security into the physical design for much of our protection from IP theft as our target customers, with many trade secrets that shortly will become patented for the complete protection, “the nervous system” of the ecosystem. IronRock is our highly guarded three-letter of the government security we incorporated  as an integral part of the software.

The safe keeping of your Data

Z-IMPACT places security as an integral part of the fabric of the Operating System and designed into the iPulseTM OS was originally developed in 2016 to unify the iStormCloud Ecosystem. Recently updated, in 2018 iPulseTM OS v2 IronRock (OS 17.02), that sits on top a dynamic Fluid Enterprise ArchitectureTM (FEA) and integrated into the iStormCloud Ecosystem. Then the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) layer also contains our design for the ecosystem with security and non-stop availability in mind.

Scalability is the biggest challenge is security. Our ecosystem is a highly integrated appliance and software. Security is native and engrained within our software with extensive security. Z-IMPACT HCI solutions are a true blend of advanced software and appliance contained within a ecosystem. We leverage a proven hardened operating system iPulse OS, running our Z-IMPACT Cloud Engine, providing our clients with XaaS (Everything as a service), SDDC, SDxx including VDI with advanced firewall and encryption solutions to ensure your applications and user environments meet or exceed HighTrust / HIPAA and GDPR requirements.

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