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Data Centers require dual power sources either from completely different power suppliers or generation stations. A Data Center coming online that requires 32 MW for example actual needs assurances that 64 MW is available. Then there needs to be away that these dual independent power sources by stringing power lines from the power plants or renewable alternative sources (wind, water, geothermal, etc.) to the target locations. This consumes large parcels of land for the plant and transmission lines/

Power Plant electric generation for nearby power plants of operation either Coal-fired or Nuclear.

Alternative Renewable Energy is in or around every Data Center in the world and can to drive down PUE and DCiE. A partnership here makes a lot of sense to drive each other’s technology in a wide footprint. Our offering enables a technology refresh of the Data Center. Unleash the power of natural resources that are less dependent on oil and gas.

Portable Generation systems Diesel or Bio-Fuel generated for Z-IMPACT portable Edge Computing deployments or as back-up power generation systems for Enterprise Computing on-premise or Cloud Computing colocation centers.