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Z-IMPACT, Inc. is focused on the Data Center the economics of the business investment, operational effects on the environment and the sustainability of the business through any crisis. Ranging from simple provisioning of workload balancing, seasonality, global power management of the ecosystem, business continuity, disaster recovery, site backups, outage failovers from power loss, to component failure or weather events. This is all accomplished from the geographic synchronicity of a DATA CENTER through massive Modernization, Modularization and Mobilization. We provide real HCI to the network edge that benefits the business in new ways never imagined.

This innovation is geographically applicable to any Data Center in any industry on-premise or in the cloud – best as hybrid – unification of all deployments into a single-pane-of-glass. Hybrid Cloud operation in colocation centers will quickly establish Z-IMPACT as the backbone of the cloud.

Z-IMPACT is the only scalable HCI (Hyperconverged Infrastructure) solution that scales with today’s data loads merging IT (Information Technology) with OT (Operational Technology). The iStormCloud is innovative and disruptive operating with AI with all the deployments on-premise, cloud, hybrid-cloud and edge deployments in geographic synchronicity as one. The OT software that operates on the iStormCloud includes many components inherently saving integration costs and complexities and operates in concert across your iT landscape.  Businesses within every industry are moving to consume IT in a more-agile and cost-efficient manner, as mainstream companies move their computing out of corporate data centers and into multi-cloud or hybrid models.

Our ecosystem is a highly integrated hardware and software. Z-IMPACT HCI solutions are a true blend of advanced iSoftware and iAppliance contained within a ecosystem as a closed and sealed, and are not serviceable by the user or owner. The hardware and software are delivered as an integrated product and may be pre-configured before delivery to a customer, to provide a turn-key solution for a particular application.

We leverage a proven hardened operating system iPulse OS, running our Z-IMPACT Cloud Engine, providing our clients with XaaS (Everything as a service), SDDC, SDxx including VDI with advanced firewall and encryption solutions to ensure your applications and user environments meet or exceed HighTrust / HIPAA and GDPR requirements.

Backbone to the Cloud

Looking at the overall solution. Z-IMPACT provides everything needed for a business to be successful, including full Cloud hosting, Cloud deployments, secure hardened sites or hybrid deployments. A true BCP/DR solutions, DoD certified Encryption solutions, interactive firewall protection, including data classification identification in transit. We provide Message Queue, Data Lakes, ELK solutions and logging to advanced VDI and VOIP solutions to end point zero client VDI site.