iCloudDRS (Cloud Disaster Recovery Service). Designed to take the worry out of disasters. Z-IMPACT creates legacy connectivity to a real-time iCloudDRS Failover Service. Once connected in the event a disaster occurs…

  • Z-IMPACT can immediately replicate to a second Z-IMPACT Cloud facility to maintain the integrity of the business and insure uninterrupted service in the cloud.
  • Z-IMPACT can replicate your current legacy data center application environment into our iCloudDRS as a Technology Refresh lab to test and prepare for your next application migration. We simplify your migration efforts and provide a downsizing opportunity that you only just imagined – we turn into reality.
  • Z-IMPACT can ship a iStormCloud 20′ Container to any disaster location to spin up the affected business on-premise if required by land, air or sea.
  • Once a new facility is established, Z-IMPACT can ship a clone of the iCloudDRS to the on-premise facility downsized in a new data center that is 90% smaller that the previous legacy data center.
  • Looking to collapse any number of data centers? For example, we can downsize 30 geographic data centers into 3 strategic data centers globally whether on-premise or in a Z-IMPACT Cloud facility.

While our competition is scaling out customer’s Cloud footprint we are downsizing the customers footprint. Whatever choice is made the business is operational and protected by Z-IMPACTs 100% availability.