Innovation Pivot


Mastering the Innovation Pivot

Rapidly implemented throughout the enterprise and new expansion to field offices. These new ideas typically need time to incubate but if isolated they will be marginalized. To resolve this paradox in the transformational industry, leaders need to build in this agility with speed and the full-scale execution acquired from the innovation to deploy and sustain the capabilities they need to rapidly differentiate themselves in the marketplace. The ecosystems require isolation from the legacy solutions as it builds momentum collapsing and synchronizing the enterprise as the organization shifts to a more streamlined effective business operation though the agility, salability and responsiveness to do what is possible.

Start by doing what is necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly you’re doing the impossible – Saint Francis of Assisi

Start in the enterprises innovate-then-scale, the “Innovation Lab” can mimic the enterprise, then plan for scale and replicate them quickly throughout the enterprise, replacing the existing legacy operations at every level and providing guidance to global teams to implement the innovation wholeheartedly.


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