Investor Relations2


Z-IMPACT, Inc., PRIVATE EQUITY, Zodiac Business Development initial invested over >$5M in further developing the ecosystem, appliance, cooling, software and operating system offerings into a Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Ecosystem.

Initially funding started at i-Sys Cloud Solutions (software and services), later SysTMS, Inc. (software, services and operating system) to become ZeroIMPACT, Inc. (converged hardware, software, operating system and services) and ZeroIMPACT Federal, Inc. (public sector branch) which are accumulated now as Z-IMPACT, inc. as a HCI Ecosystem.

Investment Opportunity

We have potential sales in-play at the moment that may allow us to self-fund. We however are seeking to on-board strong relationships to work closely with us as we grow.

Z-IMPACT, Inc., VENTURE CAPITALthis allows for VC institutions to make an investment in Z-IMPACT in the early stage of Z-IMPACT.

Z-IMPACT, Inc., PARTNERS INVESTORSthis allows for business partners, large investors to invest in Z-IMPACT as investors.  The minimum is $1M.

Z-IMPACT, Inc., INSTITUTIONAL INVESTORSthis allows for large financial institutions to make an investment in Z-IMPACT.

Near future we may open up investments by…

Z-IMPACT, Inc., ANGEL INVESTORSthis allows for accredited investors to invest early in Z-IMPACT, Inc. as angel investors.

Z-IMPACT, Inc., MUTUAL FUND INVESTORSthis allows for accredited investors to invest IRA Funds into the Z-IMPACT, Inc. as a early investor in exchange for Mutual Fund Class C Shares.