iStormCloud E7000 GPU

iStormCloud E7000 GPU Ecosystem

iStormCloud E7000 GPU Enterprise Class AI, BI and Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum

Designed to make use of Graphic Processing Unit (GPU). We can create many custom models here for AI (Artificial Intelligence), BI (Business Intelligence), Analytics, BlockChain or various GPU-based Cryptocurrency.

Ethereum Cryptocurrency Blockchain is much differently than Bitcoin Blockchain which was designed purely as a digital currency and executes on Analog compute modules.

Ethereum Cryptocurrency Blockchain is much differently than Bitcoin Blockchain which was designed purely as a digital currency and executes on Analog compute modules.

Highly Integrated via petabytes of connectivity, highly scalable, resilient exceeding all expectations in performance and resilience giving you true hyperconverged translating to an unmatched competitive edge.

iStormCloud E7000 GPU Appliance

NVIDIA V100 PCIe (Volta)   We have 552,960 Cuda Cores / 1120 Intel Platinum 8,178 Cores / 60TB RAM with 12PB Z-HyperFlash Storage 

Runs a HPC Hyperconverged ecosystem with NVIDIA GPUs to harvest Ethereum to generate cryptocurrencies.  This is a GPU powerhouse with tens of thousands of GPU cores matched to  high performance compute and storage for unmatched performance and ROI.

Cloud Hosting of Cryptocurrency Appliances

Z-IMPACT Data Center can host Cryptocurrency appliances, mining and supporting infrastructure.

iStormCloud E7000 Software


Fluid Enterprise Architecture (FEA)

Dynamic Infrastructure (DI)

Dynamic Framework (DF)


Software Defined Hypervisor (SDH)

Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI)

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Software Defined Network Storage (SDNS)

Software Defined Storage (SDS)


iPulseTM OS v2 IronRock (OS 17.02)

iDRACS is an advanced Disaster Recovery and Continuity Solutions

iMesh XaaS Agile Platform

iMesh Software Defined Data Center (SDDC)

Advanced Firewall Security and Encryption solutions

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Overview of Software

Our ecosystem is a highly integrated hardware and software. Security is native and engrained within our software with extensive security. Z-IMPACT HCI solutions are a true blend of advanced software and hardware contained within an ecosystem. We leverage a proven hardened operating system iPulse OS, running our Z-IMPACT Fluid Enterprise Architecture (FEA). Our Cloud Engine FEA provides our clients with XaaS (Everything as a service), SDDC, SDx adapters including Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with advanced firewall and encryption solutions to ensure your applications and user environments meet or exceed High Trust / HIPAA and GDPR requirements.

To leverage our advanced software, you need truly advanced hardware solutions that can process high-speed data, heavy batch loads, provide Synchronous and Asynchronous replication site to site, in addition process the heavy workloads that near real-time replication creates.

Z-IMPACTs Hyperconverged Ecosystems are able to easily handle these insane interactive or batch intensive workloads and process data in-step with our built-in high-speed post queue replication to maintain our non-stop 100% availability. We spent over four years engineering, developing and designing our Hyperconverged Ecosystem to ensure all IO bottlenecks have been removed. We leveraged our extensive background in security, using our white hat hacker and military backgrounds to ensure our operating system is not only hardened, its secure.

We further harden our Ecosystem with secured role-based portal access to key systems within the Ecosystem. We provide a secured portal to our clients to enable them to run iCanvas, creating applications and virtual infrastructure with hardened security solutions and BCP/DR to deploy to their DEV, QA/UAT and PROD environments running within our Cloud Engine.

Customers can then deploy their application and workloads in a Z-IMPACT Cloud (Z-Cloud), AWS or Azure clouds. With Z-Cloud they continue to run on our iStormCloud Ecosystems, still operating under our advanced FEA BCP/DR and data replication solution to establish DR / HA across the global spectrum.

Customer applications solutions may be deployed into extreme remote offices or edge points.  Since, we ensure our clients can obtain true BCP/DR at distances greater than 1800 miles. Competitive solutions like (AWS or Azure) running on much slower legacy infrastructure must rely on their HA / DR solutions without BCP and your applications are exposed.

Additionally, if your organization is not comfortable in creating next generation applications, let Z-IMPACT’s R&D branch develop or migrate your applications using our on-shore or offshore resources.  We can create your next generation cloud solution, tuned to run on the world’s fastest most secure and only true Enterprise-Class Hyperconverged Ecosystem in the market.

Once on the Z-IMPACT Hyperconverged Ecosystem, your company will no longer suffer through painful migrations to next generation technology and software.  We offer free migrations to our next generation hardware and software once you have invested in the Z-IMPACT Hyperconverged Ecosystem.  Our future migrations happen seamlessly, painlessly and allow the business to operate in a risk-free IT Infrastructure – with true zero impact to your end users.