Market Separation

Immediate Market Separation

We expect our technology will make a Quantum Leap into the ENTERPRISE LAYERS of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) markets creating an immediate market separation – cost, environment required to operate, scalability and performance not immediately reachable by the current IT Industry players from cost, performance per sq. ft, energy & space savings, >DCiE , lower PUE <1.2 , >Carbon Footprint, eliminates a  Storage Area Network (SAN), HOT|COLD aisles and drastically reduces the need for Data Center supporting equipment.

CO2 Footprint | Greening EffectCloud ScalabilityBoosting Performance

What if you could operate in a more healthy way… by reducing an industry’s total carbon footprint by >50% by reducing the industries land use, Data Center size & mitigate building development by >50%; greening the data center by reducing it’s electrical demand by >15 billion watts while also reducing power plant requirements ; cloud in-flight scalability keeping pace with the fast evolving cloud industry providing Data Center scalability while consolidating the legacy infrastructure 1:n allowing greater Data Center density; and boosting the performance >30x to really bolster computing capabilities and stay ahead of the competition?