Our Mission

Is to create a drastic improvement of the business through the agile transformation and adaptation of a True HCI ecosystem. It’s about the ecosystem ecology – hardware, software and the environment operating in geographic synchronicity with fluidity of the business dynamics. Building a modern Data Center Ecosystem, brings about the ecology unification of the ecosystem that unlocks the Data Center constraints, containment and environmental impact.

The greening of our technology replacement must provide the most efficient, effective, most optimized low carbon footprint that can be achieved without sacrificing the business… getting more with less!

Embracing the Ecosystem, it brings about change to the Enterprise, Cloud and Edge computing in unique ways for each deployment but maintains they all are connected to the overall ecosystem as a single-pane-of glass.

The technology modernization of the ecosystem dramatically alters a company’s global conscious, sustainability and end-user experience. By reinventing the Enterprise Computing economics with disruptive technologies through innovation of the compute, storage and network infrastructure from the enterprise-to-the-edge.

The ability for rapid containerized deployment creating appliance ecosystem for agility, modularization, scalability and performance challenging all IT vendors to matchup within a Cloud Computing ecosystem.

Then there is the ground-breaking self-contained cutting-edge mobilization with geographic extensions and synchronicity with the overall ecosystem creates a business expansion of versatile Edge Computing to every corner of the business. Capturing control of new Data Center market for transportable edge technology with true mobility by land, sea and air – to remote regions in the 3rd world, amazon and poles.

We hope you will join us in our mission to change the IT Industry!

We plan to change the face of the IT Industry

  1. Creating a great experience for the customer, controlling the growth of the data center, increasing their density, providing better performance, lowering the cost to acquire technology and minimizing their daily operation expenses.
    • Downsizes the data center >50% and auxiliary supportive equipment >50%
    • Reduces OPEX operation cost >50% and market entry CAPEX >50% 
    • Reduces the RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) to near zero, goal is erasing this very miniscule compared to normal IT Industry standards 
    • Increases Performance >12x, increases revenue potential of colocation data centers >19x
  2. A “TRUE HYPERCONVERGED” vendor that will continue to expand its patents, trade secrets and embed these along with any critical component technology into the operating system and architecture.
  3. Z-IMPACT includes all the critical software as part of the underlying architecture and in the operating system at no add-on cost to the client.
  4. Mitigates software purchases for replication, disaster recovery, business continuity, load balancing and power management all-inclusive in the software that resides on each iStormCloud ecosystem appliance.
  5. Known by CxOs as driving the lowest IRR (Internal Rate of Return), ROI (Return on Investment) and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
  6. Lowers the cost to acquire technology, creates a “Net Zero” offset to the P&L – by generating a surplus return to the business stakeholders, lowers future expense, drives innovation, improved business economics, extends budgets to new R&D projects creating profitability and more jobs.
  7. Strive for the greatest impact on data centers environmentally with the lowest PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) that drives, the lowest carbon footprint.
  8. The minimization or mitigation of land acquisitions, power plant construction, building or expanding data center structures. This is the cause and effect that are inherently part of what we know as the data centers impact.
  9. Unlock the data center constraints, containment and environmental impact through the combined forces in geographic synchronicity.
  10. They pursue the goal of ultimately achieving a near zero-impact by the Digital World.