Possibilities Are Endless…

Looking at the overall solution…

The Environmental Impact

Z-IMPACT would drastically reduce the global impact of CO2, power plant  & electricity demands, the land use, building efficiency and basically optimize an industry.

Backbone to the Cloud

Z-IMPACT provides everything needed for a business to be successful, including full Cloud hosting, Cloud deployments, secure hardened sites or hybrid deployments. A true BCP/DR solutions, DoD certified Encryption solutions, interactive firewall protection, including data classification identification in transit. We provide Message Queue, Data Lakes, ELK solutions and logging to advanced VDI and VOIP solutions to end point zero client VDI solutions.


Colocation provides hosting in the cloud… therefore if we were to shrink the colocation facilities the could do about >4-12x depending upon the facility and the ability to modularly stack 40′ containers like lego blocks, drastically reducing the effects on the environment,  increasing the overall density, reaching new performance gains the IT industry has not experienced for years!

Competitive Advantage

Creation of a far superior advantage over your competition with disruptive technology that greatly surpases the current technology in the field today. Greatly minimizes the resource intake and overall impact to the environment.

What if you were able to expand your data collection geographically dispersed to any location and connect to a network of Z-IMPACT Ecosystems that would provide a single-pane-of-glass to decision makers for near real-time decision making. An example, a network of ELK servers could crunch the analytics of a monolithic database and proved the analytics in minutes versus the days or months it takes on inferior computer systems.

Industry Impacts

Imagine the effect on target markets that Z-IMPACT would have on evolving digital world, innovation and disruptive & emerging technology trends.

The top 2018 industries $13.23T/GDP 76.8: real estate ($2.2T/GDP 13.0), professional and business services ($2.1T/GDP 12.0), state and local government ($1.5T/GDP 9.1), finance & insurance ($1.26T/GDP 7.2), healthcare ($1.24T/GDP 7.1), manufacturing & durable goods ($1.13T/GDP 6.5), wholesale trade ($1.03T/GDP 6.0), retail trade ($1.01T/GDP 5.8), manufacturing & non-durable goods ($.954T/GDP 5.5) and information ($.807T/GDP 4.6) that increasingly impact the world’s economies.

Life Changing

The time savings would allow the world to accelerate knowledge that would eclipse all previous generations. We might be able to: cure diseases, cure world hunger, stabilize greenhouse gases, roll back the clock on our global environmental crisis, and finally have world peace.

Just a bunch of thoughts and possibilities – one world, all of mankind united.