Reduce , Replace or Eliminate

We Reduce , Replace or Eliminate. 

Technology Refresh. Is the periodic replacement of equipment to ensure continuing reliability of equipment and/or improved speed and capacity.  The evergreening, with the latest technology replacement.

We alter the dependence on the supporting infrastructure,  thereby allowing you stop construction on new data centers, mitigate new land purchases, forego environmental studies and utilize the Data Center infrastructure in place and get more from less…

Best Case Scenario of our Ecosystem

Z-IMPACT’s technology refresh modernization provides: >50% less costs, >50% less supporting infrastructure, >50% floor space; >50% less energy; allowing the downsizing, reduction, replacement or elimination of a Data Center.  All while mitigating the disruption to our environment, supporting alternative energy sources and the reducing the Power Plant requirements that are required to support the millions of Data Centers. 

After an Enterprise deployment, Z-IMPACT allows you to collapse within the same Data Center and begin to consolidate multiple Data Centers so you have no more than 3 Mega Data Centers. This offers the capability to have >12x growth capability after recovering 50% of space required, it condenses business operations, eliminate multiple data centers, recapture funds allocated for land, buildings, infrastructure, hardware and operations personnel. An investment that can be put to use into growing the business with Edge Computing or modernizing the application that run it.

We have a facility we are consulting with today that has >30 Data Centers and we can collapse these in to 3 Mega Data Centers freeing up 90% of their infrastructure and the hard assets contained within. This is a massive restructuring of the business saving them Billions!