We have been engaged with PwC on a large Data Center Transformation project. Leading the Disruptive Transformation of the Data Center Infrastructure, Z-IMPACT and PwC have developed some close synergies.  I recently discovered that we have very similar thinking on strategy, discussed by PwC in a recent article, The four building blocks of a successful corporate transformation: How to lead the disruption of your own enterprise

Strategic Identity

You will begin to clearly understand the strategic identity, prioritize the current data center demands, and become more certain about the changes you need to make build transformation and adaptation to a true ecosystem. Read more…

Designing for Trust

The ecosystem dramatically alters a company’s global conscious, sustainability and end-user experience. It begs the question of what is possible. Read more…

Mastering the Innovation Pivot

We gracefully nurtured the development of the ecosystem. Many man-hours on the software, hardware the connectivity to the environment are all important factors that truly separate the ecosystem from the IT Industry allowing us to place ourself in a disruptive position. We toyed with coming to market at the same time Nutanix IPO was taking place, but elected to continue our market differentiation to create something unique.

Patented Technology and Trade Secrets contained in the iStormCloud Ecosystem create the unification of disruptive Hardware and innovative Software connected to a defined environment – an Ecosystem that neither on their own can provide the disruption to the IT Industry. Read more…

Treating your Sunk Costs as an Asset

As a CFO you are constantly faced with the “Sunk Cost Dilemma” especially when new technology becomes available and the IT vendor has you handcuffed to his legacy solution… times are changing new solutions are enticing but at this point overpriced and not scalable. IT vendors throw around the latest terms like hyperconverged, flash, etc… but once deployed they are for small application footprint are not scalable and under the hood just the same pig with lipstick. Read more… 

Whitepaper,  IT Brand Loyalty and Sunk Cost Dilemma

Results from Value Creation

Z-IMPACT Ecosystem is a true value that the IT Industry has not discovered – one nugget. The legacy industry definitions do not view the Data Center as an Ecosystem and have a misaligned definition of Hyperconverged – as a software only remedy that sits at-top commodity x86 hardware. It is true that the software like Nutanix mainly the hypervisor and SDDC can be placed on commodity x86 hardware and achieve some gains over legacy solutions. But until the underlying hardware and the operational environment is addressed these gains will pale in comparison to what Z-IMPACT brings to the table.

The underlying legacy hardware vendors love Nutanix because it creates drag of their legacy hardware, filling the Data Center with half-empty appliances, requiring and HOT/COLD aisle to keep the cooling effects optimal. Z-IMPACT throws out a challenge to IT leaders to look inside the cabinets – and to your dismay most computing racks are 50% utilized – the failure rate due to heat prevents the competition from increasing the their density. Z-IMPACT addresses the whole ecosystem, what is required and sustainable to achieve the massive affects in the Data Center that creates market separation. 

Read more on value creation…