Sunk Costs


Treating your Sunk Costs as an Asset

Z-IMPACT Ecosystem that would improve so many facets of the business and sunk costs become somewhat of a moot point. (Details in the WhitePaper)

So, what is to becomes of the legacy investment, the existing infrastructure is of great value otherwise it could not have survived thus far. It is now moving to a new ecosystem its time to creatively and dispassionately determine the asset | tax-loss harvesting strategies – making the most of the value the Enterprise has created. Much of the old elements of the legacy Data Center must be left behind as the Enterprise moves forward divesting anything that will distract from the new ecosystem.

The attention you pay to managing the legacy migration can affect your entire transformation. A Gold Standard Migration Services will eliminate the old processes, practices, brands, and auxiliary support and even the Data Center itself could be, “Reduced | Replaced | Eliminated” by your new identity and operating model. Moreover, while you shift to the new identity the legacy must stay in motion; the company depends on the revenue and profits.

Whitepaper,  IT Brand Loyalty and Sunk Cost Dilemma