Leadership Team Backgrounder

“Z-IMPACT is in an industry where trust earned is augmented by our ability to Integrate best of breed technologies more quickly, yielding lifelong customers and friendships via a sustainable technology advantage by way of the quality of our people and the benefits bestowed upon them as valued people”.

John Jensen (JJ), Managing Partner, is regarded as one of the top technologists in the industry. JJ is the brainchild behind all of Z-IMPACT’s technology which has been tried and tested over the past 15-years. Patented and Trade Secret technology is revolutionary and will be heralded as the next generation Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI). JJ sats on the technology board of a Fortune 10 Company. Heading up IT Architecture, at one of the World’s Largest Investment banks in NA – created the First Application Patterns on Wall Street, creating an Architectural Reference Guide for the same client, a $4+ Billion project. JJ also assisted SM Agility (reduces support cost 85%) in their first ever enterprise deployment, a 5-year effort in all.  Agility was CSC acquired and is now the leader in the hyperconverged software space with Agility in use today at AWS (Amazon) to provide Agile XaaS.

John Saylor, Managing Partner, is a highly experienced leader that has worked in Business Development, Executive Management, Sales and Marketing. Recently, WSO2s VP & GM of Channels and OEM Sales and former Global Director of Dell’s Business Critical Business Solutions. John’s experience in the ‘art of start-up’ with Quest Software in Sales, Product Evaluation and Go-to-Market strategies reporting to the CEO for the business direction and product selection of many acquired companies. John’s company Zodiac Business Development, Inc. has created tremendous value in Z-IMPACT from his prior work experience with Data Center, Capacity Planning and PSO experience with HP, an early CIO at Western Digital that shaped the foundation of a rising company, as the Managing Partner of eFootPrint Inc. a renewable energy solution and Managing Partner at eMailGPS Security Fraud Detection. This experience is of material assistance and critical to launching Z-IMPACTs iStormCloud ecosystem that maximize Z-IMPACT’s market position and revenue.

Industry CFO, Financial Advisor has >20 years of experienced as Financial Controller, Operations, M&A, structured finance, risk mitigation, strategy, budget, offshore operation set-up, personnel and management. Z-IMPACT’s founding partners believe in unequivocally putting the clients’ best interest above all else. Using this moral compass to form company culture, guide employees, clients and partners. This shared value system amongst management has forged our individual reputations has provided much added depth in shaping Z-IMPACT’s financial projections over the past year.

Industry General Counsel, Legal Advisor has 25+ years of Corporate and Securities. A wealth of attorney experience with Company formations, start-up activities, raising capital, forming and leveraging relationships with investors, employees, partners, suppliers, distributors and customers, financing operations and selling a company. Supporting the entrepreneurs, investors, officers and directors and management teams.